Goodbye 2020 – Raj Simar

2020 or the worst year of the decade, as I call it, has finally come to an end and I want to share my experience of this year.
This year had a really negative impact on my physical health, social skills and my personality all because of, obviously, covid-19. Because of the pandemic we were in lockdown for months and it really felt like house arrest. But this made us spend a lot of time with our family which was amazing. Staying at home meant we had to help in the household work, our number of responsibilities increased which is always good for us and made us more responsible. Adjusting to online studies was a bit tough in the beginning but soon it was a daily habit to work on the computers. We learned various new things by studying and using the computers much more.

I’d like to end it here by saying it’s always good to find the positives in negative times and hoping 2021 would be a year full of positivity and happiness.

Raj Simar
Grade 8

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