Goodbye 2020 – Nandini Jani

2020 is finally over, if not much we can at least call this year a unique year. A year which made us stay in our homes for the longest time and taught us many skills which we never learnt or even paid attention to. A year which made us all realise that nothing is more important than our lives.
This year has benefitted everyone in different ways. This year taught me how to self discipline myself as that was the only way I could bring out the best in myself. I clearly remember when the first lockdown was imposed I started being really lazy as there was nothing to do but slowly as the year passed by I started finding ways to make the best of my time.
But let’s be real, this year wasn’t easy at all with the amount of negativity around us. We all had a hard time. We all missed hanging out with our friends and going to school but as this year has come to an end we can think of new possibilities ahead.
Nandini Jani
Grade 8

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