Goodbye 2020 – Isha Chaturvedi

2020: An Unforgettable Year

Well, we did it!
A year of lockdowns, awkward frozen video chats and a series of anxiety attacks has finally passed.
I had (and still have) mixed feelings for 2020. Not seeing family members and friends, being unable to travel, being in lockdown for weeks on end, these things were like daggers thrown to the chest! There were also so many things going on: The BLM protests, increased racism, the Farmers protests, the elections…has there ever been a more political year?

However, there were some positive things going on for me too. Not only did I have enough time to take care of the stray dogs in my neighborhood, I also gained an interest in Astronomy. I spent hours in my room, reading about nebulae, galaxies, white holes and black holes.

Personally, this year made me more politically and intellectually aware. I understand now, you can’t have a day without a night. I’ve been more grateful for the little things, and that’s awesome.

Let’s hope this year is better.

Isha Chaturvedi
Grade 8

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