My idea of Freedom-Nidhi

For me, everything begins with the notion of freedom—the ability to determine the course of my daily schedule and overall life direction. I get motivated by the idea of deciding for myself.

Freedom is still extremely important to me.

I learned in the early days that I didn’t just want freedom for freedom’s sake—I wanted to do something with it. I wanted to make things, to challenge myself, and to value growth and learning.

I want the ability to make my own choices and determine how I live my life. I choose to value this freedom more than money and physical possessions. The desire for freedom is what takes someone from a comfortable life to an uncertain, but far more fulfilling one.

But is there such a thing as too much freedom?

If you haven’t known freedom before, it’s an exciting discovery. You wake up and wander out into the day with no obligations or expectations. You can choose your own adventure, and if you don’t like the morning’s adventure, you can choose another one in the afternoon.

After a while, though, this kind of freedom can itself feel stifling. The whole day is open to you… and you’re bored. I have personally experienced it.

It’s like eating a cake. One piece of cake is good, but how about eating a whole cake at once?

I think that most of us want the freedom to create, to make something meaningful. The freedom that we achieve allows us to move to higher planes of mission and purpose.

So if you’re trying to create more freedom for yourself, I think it’s good to ask… what happens when you get it? What comes next?

For me, when I have nothing but time on my hands, I get antsy. I want freedom with a purpose, a project, a vision to pursue.

Freedom is the opportunity to choose our own future, but we must choose.

What do you think—what does freedom mean to you?

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