Just when life was going smooth and people were living a stable and secure life, the pandemic hit the world hard and suddenly, life came to a standstill. A living that we had never dreamt of- trapped in the house 24*7, no school, no friends, no social life and life was confined to just the four of us, me with my parents and my sister.
The pandemic was very heavy on all of us and keeping ourselves sane was very important. Waking up to negative news every morning, watching the infection spread and the helplessness of not being able to do anything about it, was heartbreaking.
But as we say, ‘The show must go on’. So I tried indulging in various activities and took this time as an opportunity for self improvement and personality development. Initially, I tried my hand in the kitchen, starting with fire-less cooking and helping my mom with the chores as there was no house-help coming as well. As I live in an apartment, my evenings were always busy playing cricket or football with my friends but now as we weren’t allowed to meet anyone, I was kind of getting sad and felt low. So I switched to board games like Scrabble and Upwords which not only sharpened my brain but also kept my family involved. But the urge to play an outdoor sport was always on my mind! This was when I realised that we have the facility of playing Table Tennis in our apartment and it involved just two people. So I decided to play Table Tennis with my sister as we could play with our masks on.
What started as a timepass in the lockdown has now become my favourite sport. I am happy that I utilised my time learning something new which makes me feel confident and keeps me fit too.

Aryaman Paliwal
Grade 8
Seedling The World School

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