One Person, Two Countries – Isha Chaturvedi

Sometimes, there are things in our life that set us apart. They may be our defining point. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. As a person that identifies as an Indian-American, life has been quite the roller coaster. There’s that interlinkage between two entirely different cultures, the back-and-forth journey between two countries and overall, the way it directly and indirectly has an influence on my life.
There are a lot of good points from both the countries in my perspective:
I live mostly in India throughout the year. I go to school and really connect with the way everything goes. I get to embrace my culture and heritage as well, because of the history being taught, the festivals, the languages and so many other things. I also get to see most of my family regularly, which I feel very fortunate for.
While in the US, it’s distinctive all on its own. I got to learn about the importance of following rules (for example, don’t use a cellphone in a gas station!). I also really like going to the nature parks and hiking trails, as they are quite abundant and well kept. There’s also the journey to get there. I always pass by countries like the Netherlands whenever I have to get to my destination, and the experience is always so mesmerizing! It makes you feel like a global citizen, going around and seeing different types of things that you don’t see on a daily basis.
Though my experiences in both of these countries are quite dissimilar, they are special in their own unique ways. I got to embrace my culture and my roots even though I was born somewhere else, and I’ve always been proud of that.
-Written by Isha Chaturvedi, Grade 9

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