My E-Learning Experience – Raj Simar Singh Saluja

Hey,Hi,Hello. Raj Simar here and I want to share my experience with E-learning and online school. So obviously because of the infamous Corona Virus all of us are in full lockdown. At first my friends and I were jubilant because every kid likes a break from school. But those few days have woefully converted into 2 years.
Our first online meet with the teachers, the first inline class, it was weird at first because all those faces that we were used to seeing physically, were conversing with us through cameras. But it did not take a long time; both students and teachers became experts at online education. Was there an option?!
It was good at first and we liked it because it was something so new and unusual for us; it was fun seeing ourselves and friends on camera, but then it started taking a turn. There were so many distractions, the lack of lunch break interactions, giggles and gossips made us feel that something major was amiss.
The teachers were doing the best they could keeping everything as clear as possible to the students but network glitches, inexperience to deal with various new hiccups, difficulty to conduct practical tasks were more than a little tough to handle. Not to miss, bombing! But the zeal to conquer was commendable… Initially such fiascos were a good riddance from classes but when we realized that things won’t change so soon, we started feeling the pangs of time lost and tried to become serious.
I was having trouble with Mathematics and Science the most. That’s because of the important classes which I missed and chose fun over serious studies. A stitch in time saves nine…. As soon as I realized my mistake, I dedicated myself to online classes with grit and determination. My teachers supported me and helped me learn the concepts.
My genuine experience of e-learning states that- it is all in the mind… All we have to do is tune it and prepare it to adapt to new situations.

Raj Simar Singh Saluja
Grade 9

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