MY 5 DAYS IN ICU – Hunar Bhatia

The day, 15th February, 2020, I was in ICU, being charged with few medications and medical drips. Seeing their daughter lying on an ICU bed was indeed a spine-chilling stroke for my parents but to be very honest, I was doing perfectly fine with a ray of hope which said that everything would be fine.

I was although quite frightened about the needles and injections but the nurse who used to inject them to me, carried a smile which used to subdue my fear to a great extent. Small gestures in the hospital gave me a new outlook towards life. Those medicines didn’t give me the comfort which her smile had provided me. Humans often forget to carry a smile on their face, despite knowing the fact that a simple smile may cure many internal and external diseases.

An old lady, probably in her late 90’s got admitted in the adjacent bed to that of mine. Despite her critical condition and the age bar, I saw her recovering and was ultimately ready to get discharged in just a couple of days.
She was able to recover because of her will power, her strength, her spirit, positivity and strong determination. This whole situation gave a deep food for thought and taught me a very cardinal lesson that there will be lots of ups and downs in life, but whatever the situation is, your thoughts and perspective direct your life.

These circumstances taught me that just like an author can’t escape the placement of full stops after each sentence, we too, have no control on our obstacles or “full stops” of life. But as we’re the authors, we always have this amazing luxury to frame our own sentences or outlook towards our life. And sentences are the one which ultimately matter in the end, not the full stops.

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