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What is the internet? The internet is a place where you can have an answer to anything. The internet is a place where anything is possible. The internet is the solution to any problem.
Through Internet, we have the access to everything; we can get everything on our screen that is happening on the entire planet (even outside the Earth!) with just a few clicks.
Internet is a very useful thing in our everyday life. Almost everything we do is related to the internet. Like the sides of a coin, Internet has its pros and cons. Which is more- the pros or the cons- is still arguable.

Let’s discuss about them:-
Pros – It is Fast, Cheap, easy-to-use, available almost everywhere, helpful for people to get jobs, very Secure, News/ information can be passed very quickly, kids can make new friends…
Cons- May Fail Us, Our security can be hacked by hackers via the internet, Addictive, Fake News can be passed very quickly, Not safe for kids, Cyber Bullying
The internet although has a lot to offer but it’s very addictive. If used wisely, it can change the world for the good. Misuse it and the world will become a disaster. Use it mindfully, it will be the best companion
Although available on all devices, Internet can be a
live-saver if used wisely. Also on the internet, need to be careful is an obvious thing. There are tons of hackers all around trying to hack you.
Internet can be instrumental in crimes as well as the best help to curb the crime.
More than the internet, it is our mind… how we use it and how we want to use it to make the most difference. In a nutshell, internet just facilitates what our mind thinks!

Shaurya Mehta
Grade 8

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