A Journey Into The Unknown – Rushabh Doshi

Ever since I was a child, I had a great interest in the Universe. It always fascinated me because of how vast it is, how many mysteries it holds, extraterrestrial life and most of all, the theories that are brought up about it like the Multiverse and the Simulation. I too wanna share a theory which if true, could answer the universe’s some of the greatest mysteries: Black holes, the Big bang and the Multiverse.
The big bang was an explosion at the very beginning of the universe that created everything we know but no one actually knows how it happened. But now, thanks to this theory we could get all the answers. Most of us have heard about black holes, they are huge structures in space with a gravitational pull so strong even light can’t escape it. At the center of it lies the singularity, an infinitely tiny dot in which all the matter a black hole consumes goes condensing it in ways we can’t imagine. When after trillions of years of consuming matter when the singularity has too much matter to hold, it explodes aka the big bang creating a new universe inside the black hole aka a multiversal world where there are trillions of universes in one universe which is among trillions of other universes in another universe and it goes on and on forever…

Name: Rushabh Doshi
Grade: 9th

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