Goodby 2020 – Aarav Manish

2020 was a really dreadful year, but Corona Warriors made it easy for people to survive. People working from a long time in companies and other places too lost their jobs, and many of them starved and migrated to different places, which makes me feel upset. I hope they get their jobs soon. Many of them have lost their dear and near ones, that is really painful. Even the animals are affected because they didn’t get food due to lockdown. I pray that this pandemic gets finished soon and people start recovering and stop dying.
I tried to turn this year into an opportunity. In this year I believed that no one should be negative about something and someone. I learned many things in this year. I learned cooking and also have my Youtubechannel ‘Little Hunger’. Many a times I am scolded for my carelessness and short memory. I will try to focus now on. Guitar learning is my resolution for this year. Hope you had a good year.
Don’t be scared of covid-19 just do not forget to take precautions.
Aarav Manish
Grade 6

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