My Idea of Freedom-Devak Bakshi

When we talk about freedom the first thing or thought that comes to my mind is fundamental rights which have been given to us by the constitution of India. These rights need to be understood and implemented properly..

In today’s time, people are not safe anywhere; children can’t walk alone or
roam about fearlessly on the roads because it is not safe. Children are abducted for various reasons, be it the money, be it revenge, be it caste – and quite often they are killed. The presence of so much of mafia and drugs makes me feel that the dark ages are back again and freedom is just a term. They talk of freedom all the time but are we really free? Everyone including the government is corrupt.

In my world, my idea of freedom is that everyone has the freedom to do anything and everything to their liking but they must follow the constitutional rules of the country. Every democracy gives rights to its citizens to ensure their safety and well being.

I imagine the whole world being democratic, with people living happily and caste and racism are things of the past. In my world, people love and respect each other, so the offensive and hateful are nonexistent and that is “My idea of freedom.”

Devak Bakshi

Grade 8

Seedling the world school

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