My idea of freedom-Shreya Kothari

Many people have a misconception regarding the word “freedom”. Just adding some fundamental rights to freedom in the constitution won’t be enough. Freedom is a much bigger concept. We have just limited it to some speech and education rights. Freedom cannot be put into some mere words. It has to be experienced by everyone throughout their life. Freedom shouldn’t be just confined to having a right to speak, right to education, and right to follow a religion. Freedom is when a person can freely think without being questioned. It’s when a person can live his/ her life on their own terms without being manipulated or judged by society.

Our democratic country has implemented various rights for its citizens, to allow them to live in a more systematic and civilized way.

But are all the people really free? The freedom in our country is enjoyed by just a handful of people who really do what they want to do. Rest all are living with illusionary freedom. They aren’t actually free. Until a person has the freedom to think upon something, act on it, and follow it without being suppressed, questioned, and harassed, our country wouldn’t be called an actual democratic country. Let’s work together by appreciating others and letting them do whatever they want to do without holding them back.

Ms. Shreya Kothari

Primary School Facilitator

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