My idea of freedom-Priyanka Paliwal

Freedom refers to a state of independence where you can do what you like without any restriction by anyone. My idea of freedom is in practicing any religion of my choice and my spirituality is not questioned. My freedom is in being a free soul as buoyant and gleeful as a bird.

My idea of freedom is similar to that young bride who builds castles of hopes and expectations from the budding bonds with a new family. My idea of freedom is to enjoy the swings and inhale the fresh breeze in drizzles. My idea of freedom is to admire the enchanting beauty of nature. My idea of freedom is to have the right to be me and express myself.

Freedom, to me, means liberalization from oppression. Freedom comes with responsibility. It does not give liberty to hamper the assets of the society. This freedom is fought and hard-earned by our veterans. It is important to value it and preserve it.

Ms Priyanka Paliwal

Faculty of Science

Seedling The World School

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